Today is a joyous day in soda history!

For years, I have long awaited the return of my favorite citrus soda with carbos, whatever the hell carbos are.

After insane popular demand, the green sugar-filled soda SURGE HAS RETURNED!

Thanks to the amazing SURGE MOVEMENT and the dedication of fans from all over (including me). Soda juggernaut Coca-Cola has finally re-released a soda that many people have been wanting for years exclusively on Amazon.

It's $14 for a 12-pack, but people will pretty much pay anything to have this great green nectar back in their bellies.

And, yes, I did gladly pay the $14 for it. You get 12 16-ounce cans of Surge for that price.

The cans have the original label from the '90s and everything. This is a nostalgia trip at its finest!

If this succeeds, the Surge movement and fans everywhere are hoping that Coca-Cola will put Surge back on the map of regular distribution, that is up to you though! Order your Surge and bring back the '90s!

Don't know what Surge is? CLICK HERE and find out all about it!

Congrats my fellow Surgeheads! We did it!

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