Let's just say that I was one of the lucky ones.

The big news on the Internet last week was that the popular '90s beverage Surge was making it's way back to the consumer exclusively on Amazon.

The moment it was announced that it was on sale at Amazon, it sold out in minutes! Like I said, I was lucky enough to get a 12 pack. Then, it was sold out for a week. Then, today, it was re-stocked.

Guess what?

It's sold out again!

Coca Cola stated this is the first time they have ever brought back a product ever!

The fandom over this beverage is crazy! When I tried my first sip of Surge from my brand new can, it was a pretty awesome feeling. Memories of buying the green soda at Great Day on Leonard St rushed back to me quite quickly. Now why is this drink selling out so quickly? Simple!

Not only do people just have a taste for it, but the kids that grew up drinking the soda during the '90's (like me) now have money. When we were younger, we didn't have that kind of money to spend on pop! Now we do, and that word 'nostalgia' comes into play. Coke saw a demand, released it in limited quantities exclusively with one distributor, and they get to watch the profits roll in.

Think about it!

You are spending $14 on a 12 pack of soda! Yeah, they are 16 ounce cans. But, but again, $14!

Now, when they run out, what does that do? It creates supply in demand; it's a marketing tool!

When people mention: "Yeah, this great '90s soda I drank as a kid is back and it's so good it sold out again! I better buy three more cases just in case it gets sold out again!" That means they've got you wrapped around their finger!

Don't think for a moment Coke doesn't know what they are doing, they know EXACTLY what they are doing.

You could sit an take offense to it, but honestly, just be happy that a group of soda activists went after a billion dollar company and brought back something they love!

Feed the rush!

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