When a 69-year-old man tells you he had to undergo surgery, what comes to mind is usually a procedure involving knees or hips. But it seems that not all emergency surgeries are caused by weakening bones…at least, not the kind we’re used to. Around June 9th, for example, said 69-year-old man arrived at North Manchester General Hospital looking for medical attention. He revealed to the hospital staff that a sex aid had become stuck, and he spent the past 36 hours trying to remove it. After some deliberation on the part of the medical team, the Blackley fire crew was called in to help remove the object. According to the news article detailing the event, the 69-year-old man was asked to sign a disclaimer warning him about the dangers of the procedure.

Cooling cream was applied to the area before the patient was placed in the operating theatre. There, the fire crew used an air cut-off tool to remove the ring-shaped objected. Originally a four-inch angle grinder was going to be used, but thankfully the crew looked at the word “grinder” and decided the tool simply sounded too painful to attempt using. The surgery took more than an hour, but the man was released after spending a night in the hospital.

It was suggested that the Blackley fire crew was offered counseling after the procedure, but according to the fire spokesperson, the crew handled the situation well.

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