Ok girls if you've got one of those stupid, 3 or 4 date rules before you sleep with a guy, you need to get with the program and catch up with the times! I was talking with three girls at the bar last weekend, and each one came up with a different reason girls should sleep with guys on the first date! According to these three chicks, here are three reasons you should make intercourse with a guy on the first date.

1- To test your sexual chemistry. One girl said sex isn't the only important thing in a relationship, but its a pretty big part of it, so having sex on the first date is a good way to find out if your sexually compatible, and if your not. No worries, just move on to the next guy.

2- Because sometimes once is enough. If you wait until the 5th or 6th date, and then you bone him. And it sucks and you never want to do it with him again, look at all the time an energy you wasted?

3- Because the world could end tomorrow! And if you’re honest with yourselves girls, you like casual sex just as much as guys do and even though he might not be "the one", still that doesn't mean you can't have a little fun!

So there ya go girls, from three girls I was drinking with, the three reasons you should have sex on a first date. And I agree with all of them!


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