3 Doors Down hit DeVos with Pop Evil, and Red Sun Rising on Tuesday night, August 30th, and it was a really good concert! If you missed it, you did miss a fun night. All three bands came out and kicked ass for the packed crowd in Grand Rapids.

I must admit, I haven't ever really been a 3 Doors Down guy. It wasn't something that was ever a band I'd thought about much, but they were impressive live!

I'm glad I stuck around for the show, as they sounded great, and had a fun time at Devos, and rocked quite a bit more than I thought they would! I was expecting a lot of ballady things for the girls or something, but they really put on a rock set.

They had a lot of stage room, a cool background with trees and a video screen, and they all play great. It was a really good show. I'm glad I checked it out!

If you missed it, check out some of the videos from the show, and make sure to catch them the next time they come through town.

Also, our WGRD winners had a great time at the show, and got to meet all three bands, which was really fun. All nice people, and a good night for everyone.