It's just unthinkable. Who would abandon dozens of animals on the side of the road?

Harbor Humane Society Rescues Guinea Pigs Dumped on Roadside

Ottawa County's Harbor Humane Society shared the story last week.

They say 24 male and female adult and baby guinea pigs were found at 138th and Green Street in Grand Haven.

Harbor Humane Society, Facebook
Harbor Humane Society, Facebook

A concerned citizen gathered all the Guinea Pigs they could find and brought them to police. The Sheriff’s Department then brought the animals to Harbor Humane Society.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the shelter at  616-399-2119.

How Can You Help the Guinea Pigs Abandoned in Grand Haven?

Harbor Humane Society is asking for donations of guinea pig supplies like special food, hay, treats, toys and more. Monetary donations would also allow them to save on expenses used in the next week or more. You can donate here.

Donated items can be dropped off at the shelter or ordered directly through their Amazon and Chewy Wish Lists!

This is not the first time Harbor Humane as stepping in to help animals left on the side of the road. They recently took in eight puppies dumped on the roadside during a storm.

Are the Guinea Pigs Dumped in Grand Haven Ready for Adoption?

Yes! On Tuesday, Harbor Humane shared that the rescued Guinea Pigs are now up for adoption.

Harbor Humane Society
Harbor Humane Society

The pregnant moms will go into foster homes, but 20 of the animals are ready to be adopted.

Harbor Humane says,

Guinea pigs are social animals, so we are requiring them to be adopted in pairs if possible, or one is fine if you have another at home. Since we cannot fix them as the risk is so high, males and females cannot go together. Our females are a bit more friendly, so they must go in pairs if you're pig-less at home, and the males can go together (our staff knows who gets along!) or you just need to be ready to make up with him being alone with loads of extra love and attention! We also require them to be indoor pets, not living outside in a hutch, etc.


The adoption fee is $20 for one and $40 for a pair. The best way to start if you're interested in adopting is to fill out an animal adoption survey on our website or in person at the shelter.

They encourage adopters to bring a hard-sided carrier, especially if you live farther away as they can chew through our cardboard carriers.

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