A mystery is going on in Cedar Springs, Michigan, where deer are being shot and left for dead in fields.

Not sure why anyone would just shoot deer randomly and leave them for dead. Especially because if you get caught, your guns can be confiscated, you lose your hunting privileges, pay fines for each dead animal not to mention potential jail time court costs, and lawyer fees.

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The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is currently investigating 13 deer that have been shot and killed by someone using a gun. There has been no mention of what type of gun was used in the killing of the deer.

The DNR didn't mention any timeline of when the deer were shot just that they are investigating the incidents as mentioned to FOX 17. Locals in Cedar Springs did indicate that the deer were shot after deer season ended on January 2, 2022.

Often hunters during the gun season will shoot deer and not be able to find them and occasionally others will find them, but what's going on in Cedar Springs is different because these deer were all shot after the season ended.

I'm surprised this is going in the Cedar Springs area since even the countryside is pretty well populated and people would hear gunshots that seemed out of place. Sometimes that can be tough when a lot of people in the country target shoot a lot. Where I live I hear shots all the time and know it is easy to not pay any attention to them.

If someone is randomly shooting deer in a field, this could turn into cattle, horses, or anything else that is in a field.

The DNR has been patrolling the Cedar Springs area more frequently since discovering the 13 dead deer.

Poaching is much different than randomly killing animals. Usually, a poacher will take the meat or go after what can be mounted and sold to potential buyers for cabins, restaurants, sporting goods stores, and more. When someone is randomly shooting a gun across a field and if they happen to be using a rifle, this could hit a house, vehicle, or even worse a person who the shooter doesn't know is off in the distance.

If you live in the Cedar Springs area and you notice anything suspicious or hear gunshots at times typically deer move into fields and especially late at night, notify the DNR at 231.788.5055.

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