Recently, the hit show An American Horror Story utilized sonography as the tool to learn some really disturbing things. It's fictional but not all that far from the truth; a lot of weird and creepy things have been discovered with the use of sonography. From examining abominations in the womb (which have nothing to do with anything supernatural and are therefore mostly plain old sad) to deep sea discoveries, sonography is a huge part of society today. When's the last time you heard of a pregnant person not getting an ultrasound? Here are 10 weird, terrible, awesome, and unbelievable sonography stories that are actually real.

1 - Cancer Baby

Cancer baby, WTF? That's what these parents were saying, too. An ultrasound revealed that their baby, Austin, had a cancerous tumor above his kidney -- while he was still in the womb. For a while, the couple was afraid that their baby wouldn't be born at all. They turned to the internet for help, as everyone seems to do. A renowned doctor was contacted and recommended that the couple just wait until birth to treat his illness. Austin was born healthy, but can you imagine how much trouble that doctor would've been in if he hadn't survived? Sonography continued to play a huge part in the kid's life, and he underwent multiple sonograms to keep track of his health. After a while, the tumor decided to up and leave on its own. It simply disappeared.

2 - The Unhappiest Ballsack

Just recently, an Ontario man went to the doctor complaining of a pain in his scrotum; little did he know that sonography was about to make him the laughing sack -- err, stock -- of the internet. The ultrasound rendered an image of the man's nuts, which seemed to be occupied by a very unhappy and twisted face. Likened to images of Jesus on toast or Virgin Mary-shaped Doritos, the picture was passed around between doctors before making it into the September 2011 edition of Urology.

3 - Undead Baby

This story is more about crappy doctors than amazing sonography. Ceri Griffiths' baby was dead. That's what medics were telling her, anyway. They wanted her to sign a cremation consent form. Griffiths signed the form, but for some reason didn't believe the horrible news. Was it denial or something more? She begged for an ultrasound at the hospital, which revealed that her baby was actually still in her womb -- alive. The girl was born without a problem, and the mom is probably happier than she was initially traumatized.

4 - Fish Doing Stuff and Things

Sonography is also incredibly useful when it comes to ocean exploration. A vessel coasting around Long Island, NY, was utilizing sonography to study topography and the ocean floor when they came upon a remarkable discovery. Above the flat sea floor was a gigantic school of fish the size of a 'large city'. Such a large shoal hadn't been seen before, and it was particularly strange to see the fish in the busy Long Island shipping port.

5 - Atlantis

There is an Atlantis, there isn't, there was, there wasn't! Atlantis has caused nothing but controversy and the search for it has yielded little to no answers. A number of people seem to find something that maybe could possibly sometimes perhaps resemble a city and consequently be the lost city of Atlantis, but none of those speculations have ever turned to fact. Here's another one of those stories. People browsing Google Maps have found a grid like pattern in the waters off the coast of Morocco. Google claims that the lines are made by 'an artifact of its map making process', but they're the Illuminati, so who knows for sure?

6 - UFO

A swedish research team was using sonography to examine the ocean floor when they came across what they claim could be "a crashed flying saucer. The key words here are claim and could, but it's exciting to think that there could really be a UFO buried somewhere down there. To be fair, there's still an incredible and vast amount of undiscovered ocean which undoubtedly harbors many secrets -- new organisms, shipwrecks, and monsters! The team was examining shipwrecks, which they use sonography to locate, when they discovered the 'large circle, about 60 feet in diameter.' Peter Lindberg, head of the expedition, says he's never seen anything so strange in his 18 years as a professional.

7 - Ancient Shipwrecks in Italy

Some marine archaeologists in Italy have used sonography to discover some ancient shipwrecks from 5th-7th century AD which are about 163 meters underwater. The depth at which they rest is responsible for their preservation, keeping them away from harmful fishing boats. Ocean life has chewed the wooden structure of the ships, leaving only the outline and the cargoes in their original positions. The cargoes were jugs containing Italian wine, jars, olive oil, fruit, and fish sauce. No human remains have been found at the site.

8 - Civil War Wreck

The Gulf of Mexico may have a Civil War shipwreck resting on its floor. Sonography yielded a scan which could (but may not be) a well-known ship that sank almost 150 years ago after a failed attempt at beaching through the federal blockade of Galveston. The ship's name is The Carolina and was a merchant ship which set sail in 1864 with a load of cotton.

9 - NY's Ship Graveyard

Oneida Lake, NY's largest lake entirely within the state, is approximately 80 square miles and littered with the skeletons of sunken ships. Divers who visit the area like to keep these discoveries a secret, preferring to explore on their own. Recently, two shipwreck enthusiasts traveled to the lake in hopes of photographing many of these wrecks. Sonography made this possible. There are an estimated fifteen or more sunken vessels in the lake, most of which are barges and tug boats.

10 - Thumb's Up Baby

Here's an ultrasound of a woman whose baby seems to be giving the thumbs up. Mom Marie Boswell took this as a sign that everything was going as planned. "It was really funny" she said in a poignant message to the press.