It turns out West Michigan is freakier than I thought!

After watching the most recent episodes of Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix and learning of the infamous UFO sighting along Lake Michigan in 1994, it got me thinking about other paranormal phenomena throughout the area.

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Did you know there's a mysterious pyramid tucked away in the woods near Dumont Lake in Allegan?

Temple of Sakkara

Having grown up in Allegan myself I'd heard rumors of the pyramid's existence, but I never bothered to fully investigate the validity of these rumblings until recently. I can in fact confirm that the pyramid not only exists, but it can be seen all the way from Google Earth's satellites!

Google Earth
Google Earth

Who Built The Pyramid?

The pyramid sits in the backyard of Allegan resident Mary Hardy. Hardy believes that she and her family were visited by aliens while returning to their home from a day trip to Indiana in 1968.

During that late-night road trip, one of Mary's sons had the use the restroom, so the family pulled over for a pit stop. It was during this stop Mary claims the family encountered extra-terrestrials. The visit lasted 4 hours-- 4 hours the family can't account for.

What's Its Purpose?

Through rigorous meditation sessions the family was able to reveal the real reason for the otherworldly encounter: to build their then 3-year-old son a pyramid.

The structure was finished in 1975 and is made from paper and aluminum. It can fit up to 50 people and is only accessible through an underground tunnel which is covered in hieroglyphics.

Mary claims the structure is a capacitor and a means to reach zero-point energy. Why anyone would need to achieve that? I don't know!

However, since the alien encounter Mary has made it her focus to become an herbalist, teacher, and author. She's written several books on her experiences and has even shared the blueprints to her pyramid so others may have their own.

Here's what other Allegan-area locals had to say about the mysterious pyramid:

  • "The woman whose family built it was my phys Ed teacher in high school. I heard stories she had it" - Patti Evans Rohloff
  • "they had a get togethers in the summer n would walk over hot coals..n do ritual dances ha so weird" - Ryan Diebold

In this video Mary herself gives a tour of the pyramid:

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