Zombies, we fear them. The last thing any of us need is a horde of reanimated corpses trying to snack on our flesh. Or is it? It turns out that zombies do more good than harm. In fact the undead genre brought in over $5 billion to the economy.

The popularity of 'The Walking Dead' further strengthens the overall worth of zombies as one of the highest rated programs on television. Not to mention that the series was spawned from a lucrative collection of graphic novels. And if one mega-hit TV series wasn't enough for you, there are countless games, comic books, action figures, dvds and stuff we can't even list here that have profited from the rise of the dead, like zombie porn (you know there are some freaks out there that can't get enough zombie bonin'.)

So, remember... if the zombie apocalypse does happen, don't freak... because it could really help turn our economy around. Zombies mean jobs, so support your local chemical waste plant and lobby them to spill all kinds of nasty concoctions on graveyards, because with flesh-feasting zombies come prosperity... even if it is terrifying!

[Via: 247 Wall St.]

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