Today on Segment 16, the guys talk about Joe's Zombie Hunt for this weekend, as well as the bad rep Juggalos and heavy metal people get. And then they cover the really scary and criminal sect in our society...the politicians.

Who are these people who volunteer to be zombies and get shot with paintballs at Cannonsburg? Could be Juggalos, who knows? But those poor Juggalos have such a bad reputation, as do the metalheads.

Just because you like metal, or ICP, doesn't mean automatically that you're a hood, or sleazeball. Or even a Satanist.

But if you're a politician...more than likely you're some kind of criminal. Taking money is sketchy ways, working the system to benefit yourself, and many other terrible things. We're not sure where all these people come from, but it seems like more and more of them are proving this to be the rule rather than the exception.