Zakk Wylde seems like a super cool and nice guy, and is having a good time with life. He's also doing good things for people, like Steve Vandermade. Zakk and his wife recently gifted a Michigan man called Steve with his very own Wylde Audio Warhammer guitar!

A little about why: Steve is suffering from Peripheral Neuropathy, a disease where the nerves that carry messages from the brain throughout the body start breaking down. I've seen videos with people talking about it, and it seems to start with numbness in the fingers and hands. It often causes weakness and pain, too.

Eventually, you can lose the use of fingers and hands, etc...whatever area the neuropathy is affecting.

Steve recently joined Twitter, and began following all his favorite musicians, including Zakk Wylde. When he posted something about how much he loves the new guitar line from Wylde Audio, and it was his goal to own one, he got an unexpected message from Zakk's wife!

She asked him about his disease, and he told her what was going on. Then, the UPS guys showed up at his home with a package. He didn't think it was for him, but it was, and it was from Zakk and Barbaranne Wylde, and it was a new Warhammer guitar!

The guy is very emotional in the video, which is understandable, as his dream of owning one of these guitars before he can no longer play has come true.

Such an nice and amazing thing for the Wylde's to do for someone. If you weren't a Zakk Wylde fan before, you should totally be one now...aside from the fantastic playing and music, he's a really good guy!

The Wylde Audio Warhammer (

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