Hell, Michigan has been bought and for the funniest reason.

Youtuber Elijah Daniel posted on Twitter yesterday that he’s now the owner of Hell, Michigan, which he posted pictures of the previous owner signing over the town to him.

He says in his Twitter post that his first act as the town owner was to change the name to Gay Hell, Michigan.

He says that since the Trump administration put a ban on flying the pride flags at our embassies, he’s decided that as the owner of Gay Hell, Michigan the only flags that will be allowed to fly are going to be Pride flags.

NBC News says they talked to Elijah and he has said the flag ban is a joke in protest to the Trump administration’s pride flag ban and he won’t be banning other flags.

Fun fact: Hell Michigan as a town allows people to pay a fee to become “Mayor of Hell” for a short time and usually they are impeached soon after taking office.

NBC News points out that the Detroit Free Press had a story in 2016 about Hell Michigan being on the market for $900,000, although Elijah says he's only a temporary owner and wouldn't tell NBC News how much he paid the previous owner for the 5-acre commercial property


IF you’re looking for Gay Hell, Michigan for a visit, it’s around 15 miles northwest of Ann Arbor.  The town has a population of about 70 people, according to Wikipedia.

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