Young Guns is readying their third studio album and has already found success with the release of the single "I Want Out."

Young Guns performed Friday at The Stache in Grand Rapids, on the concert bill with You Me At Six and Stars in Stereo. Young Guns also stopped by the 97.9 WGRD studios, doing some acoustic songs and hanging out with Janna.

Frontman Gustav Wood spoke with "Loudwire Nights" host Full Metal Jackie about the song, his thoughts about the band's upcoming disc and more.

Gus, 'I Want Out' charted No. 1 on iTunes this summer ahead of the new album. Does such an overwhelming response make you anxious to get the whole album out there?

Anxious? Anxious to get the record out -- yeah, definitely. I mean I think writing music is great. It’s exciting. It’s always great time to experiment and trying new things -- and all of those kinds of things. But, fundamentally I think -- I can’t speak for all bands -- we define ourselves for every show that we play. If we are not playing shows for too long we sort to get itchy feet. We like the very tangible measures or progress that comes from playing show after show, day by day and meeting people. And we need a record in order to get to do that. So at this point, we’re pretty desperate to get it out. But we’re proud of the material we’ve written. We think people are going to like it so I don’t mind waiting to much.

Releasing advance tracks, or performing them live, how does that make you rethink the songs before they're committed to being permanent once the album is released?

It’s a good question! I think a lot of bands swear by trying out material by playing it live. But we have always been a band that kind of -- we will write a song and when we believe the song is good enough we will record it and go on record and then usually we start playing kind of a couple of month after that. But it is certainly really great seeing other people’s response to the song for the first time. It’s good knowing what part really connects. Or maybe you need to figure how to play certain parts. How do you perform, how do you move to this section or that section -- and that’s really great. But, fundamentally, it’s just playing new material is such a thrill –- it’s like starting over again in the best possible way.

First albums introduce bands. Second albums start to establish style and sound. What will this new album, your third, do for Young Guns?

I think you have to be optimistic and you also have to be realistic. You never know what’s gonna happen. [It's] easily the best collections songs that we have and as a band so far. And I think with our last record we proved to ourselves that we can write music this good enough to make an impact. And I think we are lucky enough to have a taste of that on our last record with 'Bones' and some of the others. And now really it’s all about trying to hit that little consistently and just putting up great music and touring. All we wanna do is play shows as far and wide to as many people as we can. And hopefully with a bit of luck the next record will allow as to continue growing as a band in getting better and better.

How have you grown as a singer-songwriter since the band started and where is it most noticeable on the new album?

Well I’ve never really sang a note before this band started. I used to play bass – which is crazy when I think about it. When we were first writing music and jamming and our singer left and we didn’t have one, I was really just doing it until we got a singer. And then six years later here I am in United States on tour. And I’ve been singing for half a decade. And it funny the way things turn out I suppose. But this band is a learning process for me. And I am at a stage now finally where I feel really comfortable in my role. I feel confident, self-assured. And I feel like every show I play it better than the show before and that’s a great feeling.

Confidence is everything when you’re playing music and when you are performing. I don’t feel like I have to be anyone else other than myself at this point as a vocalist. And I think that is probably the best quality I think you can hope to have as a singer -- just feel comfortable being yourself and being who you are and not trying to be a different band or a different singer or whatever. That’s worth its weight in gold, really. And I think in terms of the material on the new record as a whole is very much just a sound of a singer that is absolutely comfortable in their own skin. I’m pretty proud of that.

What's the most surreal thing for your band, a bunch of guys from England, that you experience here in the States when you play?

I think fundamentally is the fact that we are here in the first place. We have been touring here for two years now and I’m still not completely used to the fact that we are lucky enough to come over here. Not only are we are lucky to play shows over here, but we come and we see people singing back the words we wrote in bedrooms and rehearsal spaces in London just a few years ago. I think music has this incredible connective power and it transcends geographic, boundaries and all that kind of stuff. I get to witness it first time whenever we are over here. So I love it! Music touring here is absolutely fantastic.

I think especially when we started playing shows over here there weren’t really that many British bands that were trying to work in the way that we were at that point over there. So, I’m really proud of that and I’m proud now that it looks like there are more bands from the U.K. trying to come over making a difference.

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