Breaking Benjamin and Young Guns hit a sold out Orbit Room on Tuesday night in Grand Rapids! It's been a long time since they'd hit town, and Grand Rapids was ready and waiting for this show!

Young Guns, a great band from the UK, hit the stage first, to warm up the crowd, and kicked ass! They played a great set that included 'Bones', and 'I Want Out'.

Then, it was time for Breaking Benjamin to hit the stage for the first time in years in Grand Rapids!

They came right out of the gate with 'So Cold', and 'Follow', and then ran through a set featuring all the songs you know and love, and even some cool covers. They rock version of the 'Imperial March' from Star Wars is freaking cool, as is their Metallica cover of 'Through the Never', and Pantera's 'Walk'.

They wrapped up the show, thanking the crowd for being amazing, and ended with 'The Diary of Jane', and the crowd kept the craziness going throughout!

A great show, and if you missed it, check out the videos to see what happened!

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