A woman running for Evanston, Wyoming City Council candidate may have to drop out of the race soon after her secret, used-panty-selling identity has been discovered. 

Deborah Reno, currently a massage therapist and yoga instructor was running for City Council in Evanston when her not-so-secret identity as Mystee Crockett was uncovered to the community.

Now should she be barred from the council for just selling used panties?

Well, probably, but it's a bit more racy than just that.

Mystee Crockett, AKA City Council candidate Deborah Reno, would post pictures and strip-tease videos on her website and then sell the used panties and even dirty gym shorts for $20.

She said she made a "respectable" (sure) amount of money doing it but "there isn't really any amount of money worth what this is going to do to my family."

Probably should have thought about that before she did it but who are we to judge!

Source: KUTV 

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