We've all seen it before. Someone leaves their car somewhere for an obscene amount of time and you're left wondering why a person would just leave their car behind. A local brewery had this exact problem, but instead of just towing the vehicle, they did something out of the ordinary.


TwoGuys Brewing located in Wyoming, Michigan has had an abandoned car in their parking lot for over 10 days and have been trying to find the owner of the vehicle to get it removed, but have been unsuccessful. On January 9th, they took to Facebook to try finding the owner before they resorted to towing it. That is when the story took an unexpected turn.

The car left at TwoGuys Brewing for the last 10 days,
The car left at TwoGuys Brewing for the last 10 days, courtesy or TwoGuys Brewing.

Upon posting the photo of the burgundy Mazda on their Facebook page, they discovered who the vehicle belonged to. But, they also learned the owner of the car is really struggling financially and is not able to afford to tow it or pay for repairs. While TwoGuys Brewing could have said tough luck and towed the car, they said this instead,

"We are taking up a collection to help them [the owner] out and putting in the first $50. If you are a mechanic and want to help or you have a couple dollars to pitch in it would help a real person in clear need!"


They started a collection inside the taproom and a mechanic came and towed the car to his shop. The young man and the brewery were both absolutely blown away by the support from the community to come together to help a stranger. The brewery went on to post one final update, expressing their gratitude,

"Can you just imagine how blessed he is going to feel? How much love will be in HIS heart? You have improved our city in a huge way!!"

And if you don't think this brewery has done enough to show how committed they are to the community, it is also planning to give any excess funds raised from the repairs to Wyoming Harbor Church to support an after school program for teens.

Young Kids playing together
Young kids playing together / Getty images

TwoGuys Brewing has made it clear they are community driven. If you want to see what these guys are all about, you can visit the brewery yourself Monday through Saturday at 2356 Porter St SW Wyoming, MI 49519.

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