I honestly didn't know this was a real thing. Women's Tackle Football is alive and well in Grand Rapids. We have a team, the Grand Rapids Tidal Waves! 

Women's Tackle Football Game

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The ladies of tackle football, Grand Rapids Tidal Waves, actually kicked off everything in 2018, and will have their 2022 home opener tomorrow, Saturday, April 23, 5 p.m. at Northview High School. The Tidal Waves won their season opener on the road 44-0, so this is a 'take-no-prisoners' kind of team. They mean business! Tickets are $10 for adults, $5 for kids, 10 years old and younger are free.

Tidal Waves Practice



Fox 17 was reporting this Saturday's game is very special because it's also a donation fundraiser for the Kid's Food Basket, a program that helps students who struggle with food insecurity to have healthy, full lunches at school and a sack dinner to take home after school.

Head Coach, Stacey Davis, says she's really excited about this year team. has been a

"The thing that has really been the biggest confidence booster is we really have drawn in a lot of athletes. In years past you get a lot of people that are interested, but maybe they played powder puff but they weren't really serious about any other athletics and this year we have really brought in a lot of people that are more serious about athletics and were all-stars in their own realm of whatever their sport was."

They get lots of questions about them playing TACKLE football, such as, "you guys play flag football, right?" Nope, Tackle! They're hitting each other, hard, and it's fun!

Player Kisses Her Son for Good Luck Before Game

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But, aside from all of that, their goal is also to help the Grand Rapids community. So, in addition to donating to Kids Food Basket, they want fans to bring in fruit snacks and boxes of raisins, lunch bags and things like that.

Don't forget the home opener, tomorrow, Saturday, April 23, 5:00 p.m. at Northview High School!


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