Soon, the days of us begging on our knees for a little sex from our significant others might be over! Doctors have given us a millions different pills for our 'little monster', but that just meant we've been wandering around with unkillable erections, hoping to get laid.

And probably failing more often than succeeding.

But now, women might have a pill to help boost their sex drive, and maybe then WE'LL be the ones on the other end of the begging! (I wouldn't hold my breath, to be honest.)

A panel of FDA experts have approved the use of another unpronounceable drug, flibanserin, to treat female sexual dysfunction. This isn't final approval for the use of the drug, but apparently, the FDA usually follows these recommendations from the expert panel.

The drug would have a happy, friendly name on the market, like Addyi or Girosa.

Now, would the drug help women interested in having sex with me? Where's THAT drug?