There's really nothing worse than this type of person on a plane.  You know the type.  The plane has barely touched the ground and they're already up out of their seat, rooting around in the overhead bin, pushing their way to the front to get off the plane first.  Because, you know, they're the most important person on board.  Ugh.  Awful!This woman, who was waiting to get off of a plane in Denver recently, is that person.  The doors weren't even open yet, but that didn't stop this awful person from yelling at everyone in front of her to get off the plane.  She kept up her rant for a few minutes, cussing like a sailor without any regard for her fellow passengers.  It wasn't until a threat of security being called that she finally toned it down a bit.

If it was up to us, security would have been called after about 10 seconds of her nonsense.

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