Another day another story of someone finding something absolutely disgusting in their ear!

There's always the typical blackhead-in-ear story or some small bug but Katie Holley of St. Petersburg, Florida definitely beats them all.

Holley, 29, woke up recently to feel something odd in her ear. Upon some inspection by herself and her husband, they realized Katie had a flying roach in her ear!

Before you assume it happened because she had a filthy home or something, Holley wants to remind people these roaches are super common in Florida and no matter how clean your house is they still show up.

Holley and her husband tried to get the roach out, to no avail, and ended up going to the hospital where the doctor poured Lidocaine in her ear to kill the insect and proceeded to pull it out in three chunks.

For nine days after the initial extraction, Holley still felt something was off, went back to the doctor where he proceeded to pull out another six pieces of roach remains.

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