A local woman from Grand Rapids is going to set a record for women for spending 11 months in space.

According to WOOD, NASA astronaut, Christina Koch, who is a native of Grand Rapids will be staying aboard the International Space Station until February of 2020.

Koch will be aboard the ISS for 11 months which will break the record of a woman being in space. Koch will break the record previously held by retired astronaut Peggy Whitson of 288 days. This will be the single longest spaceflight by a woman to date.

Koch will be close but won't break the United States record set by Scott Kelly of being in space for 340 days.

Koch went into to space to work at the International Space Station last month and says its's awesome to get to stay in space into 2020.

NASA astronaut Andrew Morgan will join Koch later this summer for a nine month mission which is three months longer than a typical mission.

NASA just extended a few astronauts assignments this week.

Now if someone could just figure out how to keep us from dropping calls from our cell phones.

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