If you’re near a glass window, we suggest you move, because the quantum force of every man cringing in pain is about to hit. Over the weekend, Joyce Maxine Gregory of Shelby, NC was charged with an extremely heinous crime…squeezing a man’s testicles out of his scrotum with her hands.

You might be thinking, “No, this can’t be possible, such a feat MUST require a very strong…unpleasant tool, something that could at least make the terrible moment quick,” but we have some unfortunate news for you. It turns out Gregory has the strength that rivals The Hulk. According to the Shelby Police, Gregory allegedly got into an argument with the victim on Saturday, and when the older man ran out of the building to call 911, Gregory pursued him and grabbed his scrotum. He eventually made it to a rescue squad building before police were sent to the residence.

Of course, castrating a man apparently wasn’t enough to satisfy Gregory’s rage, because after being led into the patrol car, Gregory proceeded to push down her pants and pee all over the back seat. Her bond was set at $20,000.

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