A witness says that an attacker using a katana sword sliced her co-worker and took the worker's ear off.

On Halloween, it's not uncommon to see adults dressed up and even carrying swords, but what you don't expect is for someone to actually use a sword to commit a robbery and attempt murder.

According to WOOD, a 36-year-old man by the name of Jonathan Wroten was denied bail by a judge for robbing and attacking a clerk at an Ionia area liquor store with a katana. Wroten has been charged with assault with intent to murder, assault with a dangerous weapon, armed robbery, and four counts of resisting or obstructing a police officer.

A witness by the name of Jessica Bowen, who was also working at the liquor store at the time of the attack, thought Wroten was playing a joke when she saw him try and tie the door of the liquor store closed. Bowen said, "I thought he was trying to prank somebody inside the store."

WOOD reported Bowen said, "when I come up to him, he just was going hysterical. When (the other clerk) came to the door, he stabbed the knife through the door and as he did it, it went through his arm. And then he pushed him through the door and he came through the side and ended up slicing him and taking his ear."

Wroten also tried to stab Bowen with the sword while her 11-year-old daughter was watching from the car.

The clerk that was stabbed is recovering and hopefully will be returning home soon.

Wroten put on quite the show when he appeared in the Ionia District Court on Monday afternoon. He blurted to the judge, "I plead not guilty by reason of entrapment."

This is not Wroten's first go-around with the legal system. He served five years in prison beginning in 2003 for criminal sexual misconduct. He then spent three years in prison for drug charges beginning in 2014.

Being a repeat offender, Wroten will most likely return to prison and we will learn more when he returns to court on November 15.

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