Thursday night, New Year's Eve, join me, Janna, and whoever stops by the GRD studios to hang for our Second Annual GRD All Request New Year's Eve Party! We'll take your calls beginning at 7 p.m. until midnight, whatever you want to hear! Well, not ANYTHING, your calls for Debbie Gibson will go unheeded, and you know who you are.

Then, at midnight, once we start Auld Lang Syne, we will get the 16th caller to be the first GRD winner of 2016!

We've raided the prize closet for some cool stuff to hook you up with, including:

  • $250 remote car starter from Extreme Car Audio
  • Vapejooce gift bag with 30ml of any flavor vapor
  • Special vinyl releases from: Five Finger Death Punch, Slash, Korn, and Bring Me The Horizon
  • CDs from: Ghost, Disturbed, Five Finger Death Punch, POD, Papa Roach, and Pop Evil
  • An autographed Jeremy Spencer biography
  • Autographed stuff from: Aranda, Three Days Grace, Chevelle, Otherwise, and Nothing More
  • Tickets the the Free Beer and Hot Wings Live at Night show
  • Tickets to Grand Rapids On Tap

Call in your requests, at 770-WGRD, and have some fun with us! Tell us what's going on at your party, what your favorite song of the year is, who the biggest douchebag of the year is, anything crazy that might be on your mind!

We can take it!

It's GRD's All Request New Year's Eve Show!