Thursday night Michigan fans' hopes of making it all the way in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament were dashed when the Wolverines fell to the Red Raiders of Texas Tech 63-44.

Michigan came in as the favorite, ranked number two in the country, but Texas Tech was able to beat them pretty handily.

How did this happen? Sure, we see giants fall during March Madness all of the time, but did the Red Raiders have a secret weapon on their side? Turns out, they might have.

Jackie Moon, er... Will Ferrell was in attendance at Thursday night's game. While we can only assume that he was there cheering for the maize and blue since he was a member of the Flint Tropics in the movie Semi-Pro, he switched his allegiance at some point during the game.

A very sweet looking Texas Tech fan by the name of Sharon posted a photo of herself with Ferrell and his wife at the game, our sister station, Talk 1340 in Lubbock, Tex. reports.

Did sweet Sharon's love for the Red Raiders rub off on Ferrell and ultimately cost the Wolverines the game? There's no way to know for sure. One thing we do know - Jackie Moon, you're dead to us.

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