Yesterday, the website WikiLeaks released thousands of pages of information of what they say shows the methods that the CIA uses to hack into computer servers, smartphones and even smart TVs.  Once in, they can then use these devices as listening devices to spy on their owners.  WikiLeaks said that a former government leaked the files to them.  The data dump amounts to more than several hundred million lines of code, which WikiLeaks claims is the entire hacking power of the CIA.

What we're learning from this is that the CIA basically has the ability to hack any connected device they want.  Obviously, that's good if they're looking to bust the bad guys, but knowing that they have the power to do that obviously makes people cautious because they could be overstepping.

The CIA has not commented on whether the data dump is legit or not, but former and current intelligence officials speaking anonymously said that the information appears to be authentic.

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