Kangaroos are not native to this hemisphere, let alone Michigan, and yet when Sara Greer went to work Tuesday, there was one bouncing in her driveway.

Greer And Neighbors Had To Do A Double Take

The incident occurred as people prepared for work early Tuesday morning. Many residents along a residential street in Lapeer, near Flint, spied the kangaroo, which hopped along the street and in a nearby cemetery.

Alex McCarty was the first to post video of the animal to social media, asking her friends, "What is a kangaroo doing in Michigan? Whose kangaroo is this? What do I do?"

Sara Greer was the next to come upon the marsupial, telling FOX 2 News the animal was loitering in her driveway, and seemed at ease with people and was not freaking out as much as she was.

"Just walking up and down the driveway, not walking, hopping up and down the driveway and it was eating something," she said.

The Kangaroo Is A Licensed Exotic Pet

Greer called 911 and they were not buying what she claimed to be seeing. "I said I'm located in southern Lapeer County and there is a pause and she responds 'Ma'm are you sure it's a kangaroo?' and I said yes I'm sure!"

It turns out our little hopalong friend was a registered exotic animal whose name is "Douglas", and he's owned by a nearby Lapeer resident who asked to remain unidentified.

The man has licensed the pet, and Greer eventually met the man who eventually corralled Douglas, who seemed to want to enjoy a little more freedom before hopping back home.

People who spied the footage online have weighed in that they believe the animal was not a kangaroo, but a closely related wallaby. The owner has remained mum on the question and Douglas was no longer available for comment.

At any rate, Greer was joyful at the run in with wildlife.

"The way the world is today, it puts a smile on your face," Greer told FOX 2.

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