You see your new car as a smooth ride with all wheel drive. The rats in your neighborhood see it as lunch.

Mechanics at repair shops started noticing something late last year. New model cars were coming in with electrical problems, usually resulting from wiring that was chewed on by rodents. But why?

It turns out some new car wiring was made with a soy based, eco friendly material that also happens to be loved by rats and other rodents seeking a meal in a comfortable place.

Auto manufacturers like Toyota began switching to a soy based insulation to replace the petroleum based wiring that was both pricier and less eco friendly. While the manufacturers say they discount the idea that the soy based wiring is drawing in the rodents, users are less convinced.

JoAnn Kozakowski-Koch told Forbes that rats caused $600 in repairs to the electrical system in her new Volvo. And John Pappas, owner of Main & Hudson Service in Royal Oak, told the Detroit Free Press he gets a vehicle about every month suffering from rodent-chewed-through-wire-covering syndrome. Some brake lines have even been munched on. (Yikes!)

New car owners have been sharing ideas in online discussion groups on how to solve the problem. Kozakoski-Koch uses bottled coyote urine (human urine works as well, if you want to pee on your engine every night), while Janice Perzigan of Royal Oak has had success with Pine-Sol cleanser and essential oils. Others have suggested getting an owl to hang out in your yard is a sure fire cure. (And how do you exactly get an owl to hang out in your yard?)

A class action lawsuit have been filed against Toyota and Honda for their use of the insulation. The suit against Toyota was thrown out of court.

In the meantime, praise the Lord and stock up coyote urine!



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