Without the ability to tour over the past year, many acts have turned to doing livestream concerts, but fans shouldn't expect to see In This Moment turning up on their screens anytime soon. Speaking with SiriusXM's Trunk Nation host Eddie Trunk, guitarist Chris Howorth shared the band's reasoning for not doing a livestream.

"We actually talked about it a lot at the beginning, and we were going back and forth on some ideas and then we just decided we're such a visual band and we want to present everything in such a way that we just didn't feel like the cubes on the screen was gonna work for In This Moment," explained the guitarist (as transcribed by Blabbermouth).

He continued, "We started looking for other ways to [connect] — content. We also did have the album that was out, and we had a couple of videos come out throughout the break on that, so that kind of helped satiate our need to do stuff for a little bit. But we're now at that point where we've gotta be on tour. Things up kicking up. It's been a full year, and there's no more waiting around. And we still don't wanna do a livestream, because we know we're going on tour — we feel it in our gut — in the summer/fall."

The guitarist added that the band's proposed 2020 trek with Black Veil Brides, Ded and Raven Black is now expected to take place in "late summer, early fall." Keep an eye on the band's website for touring announcements.

While touring took a back seat for the group, singer Maria Brink told Trunk that like many acts, the band has worked on new music during the break. "There [are] conversations happening right now and music being made. We had time to finally build music studios in our houses. I think we're on the same page as everybody else," she explained, adding, "And we've had time to empower our business in a lot of ways, learn a lot of the business side that we didn't always typically understand or know and really diving into the business as a whole. I think we've been working really hard to empower the band a lot. We have some cool collaborations that we're doing right now, and we are starting to write new music. So, it's definitely happening."

Brink continued, "All that time went by, and everybody's feeling so much right now. I think we all have so much emotion, so it's the perfect time for all artists — or painters or whoever it is — to be expressing themselves, 'cause they're filled with all kinds of stuff. That's the artists' dream. They want a broken heart or some sort of tragedy — same with poets — to do good art."

While new music may be in the works, In This Moment did release their Mother album last year. The record featured the Grammy-nominated single "The In-Between," as well as "Hunting Grounds," "As Above, So Below" and covers of Queen's "We Will Rock You" (with Lzzy Hale and Taylor Momsen), Steve Miller Band's "Fly Like an Eagle" and Mazzy Star's "Into Dust."

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