Sure, you'll get all up in arms about wearing or not wearing masks, but yet twice a year, you keep changing the clocks back and forth. Why? 

Where's the outrage?

You change your clocks twice a year because someone a long time ago told you to, and you can't stop. Even though the reasons behind it are vague or ancient.

But you keep doing it. You never question it.

"Oh, the it helps the farmers?" Really?

"It saves energy!" Does it?

Everything other thing you'll challenge. Dumb stuff. Silly stuff. You'll fight over it on Facebook. You'll yell at people in stores. You'll chastise people for bringing candy corn to work!

But this obvious bull crap goes on. Every year.

Every year, a politician or two will submit bills to end it, but they go nowhere. There's no political will to stop something that makes zero sense. Imagine that.

How are you going to get pertinent stuff done if you can't even end something this simple?

But Jojo, you're just a dumb DJ! Who cares what you think?

Ah, but smart people like Neil Degrasse Tyson, a world renowned astrophysicist, agree with me.

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