Get ready to strip down and enjoy Nude Recreation Week. It is always scheduled for the week after the 4th of July. In 2022, the dates are July 11th through the 17th, although International Skinny Dipping Day is actually a few days earlier -- on Saturday, July 9th.

Some Rules for Celebrating Nude Recreation Week

There are a few things to keep in mind if you decide you want to celebrate Nude Recreation Week...

Behave Yourself. If you are heading off to a nudist resort or nude beach remember that it is not a wild sex party. These places frown on any time of sexual activity. Like any other beach or public place, engaging in sexual activities in public is illegal.

Don't stare. If you are naked, people are going to see your naked body, however, don't stare at others. Be respectful.

Be aware of your surroundings. Each nudist resort or beach has their own set of rules. Most prohibit the taking any photographs. Some ban smartphones in common areas. Also, bring a towel to sit on.

Use lots of sunscreen. Remember, your entire body is going to be exposed to the sun -- some of those parts may have never had that type of exposure. Make sure that you use plenty of sunscreen. At some nudist resorts -- which are typically located in rural, wooded areas -- bugs can also be a concern. You might want to pack some bug spray along with your sunscreen.

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Photo by Jianxiang Wu on Unsplash

Where to Get Naked

You have a few options if you'd like to join the Nude Recreation Week celebration...

Celebrate In Your Pool. If you have your own pool, you can always strip down and go skinny-dipping. We would encourage you to have a very secluded yard, or at least wait until after dark so that you don't end up displaying yourself to the neighborhood.

Celebrate In Your Home. This is probably your safest option. Close the blinds and shed the clothes! Spend the entire day your "birthday suit".

Attend A Nudist Party. If you have some like-minded friends, you could all gather for a nudist party.

Visit a Nudist Resort. If you really want to enjoy some naked time with others, you could always spend the day at a nudist resort. There are more resorts than people realize.

Nudist Resorts in West Michigan

There are actually two different nudist resorts within a few hours drive of West Michigan...

Forest Hills Club
Photo: Forest Hills Club via Facebook

Forest Hills Club - 9935 Riverside Drive, Saranac, MI
Listed as "Michigan's Oldest Clothing Optional Club" (since 1957), this nudist resort is only a 30 minute drive east from Grand Rapids. Their website lists many activities that are planned for Nude Recreation Week. Daily Fees are $38 for family, couple, or single. Those 30 Years and Under can get in for only $23. Additional details can be found on the Forest Hills Club Facebook page.

Turtle Lake Clothing Optional Resort
Photo: Turtle Lake Clothing Optional Resort via Facebook

Turtle Lake Resort - 2101 Nine Mile Road, Union, City, MI
Their website says they are "Midwest's Finest Clothing Optional Resort". Their website isn't showing any specific Nude Recreation Week activities, but they do have a calendar filled with weekend events through the summer, including their Music Festival in August. (The band Foreigner once played at Turtle Lake -- see the gallery below!) Turtle Lake is a longer drive. Located just south of Battle Creek, it is about a 90 minute drive from Grand Rapids. Daily fees are $40 with no National Nudist Affiliation or $35 if you have the affiliation. Turtle Lake also has discounted rates for those under 30 of only $25. More information can be found on the Turtle Lake Clothing Optional Resort Facebook page.

Some Naked Fun Facts

  • 30% of people sleep naked
  • 11% of online shopping is done while naked
  • In ancient Greece, athletes would complete in the Olympics nude
  • Streaking has been around since 1799.

Have Fun. Take care and stay bare!!


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