Another fun story from the bar stool. I have a lot of fun when I’m out drinking and just shooting the crap with people, you should come join me sometime!

A guy told me about this chick, 38 year old Janice Hann who is a crack head that lives in southern California. I guess a couple weeks ago Janice was sitting around drinking some beers and smoking some crack, when she ran out of both beers and crack! How much would that suck! Now Janice doesn’t have a car or anything, but she does have a bike, with a basket on it and that’s how she gets her groceries, and her beer, and her crack too I guess.

So when Janice ran out of beer and crack she jumped on her bike and peddled down the street to get some more, I guess the liquor store is right around the corner from where she gets her crack, so that’s the direction she headed. And she might have made it there too, if she had remembered to put on some clothes! Yea, can you believe it, she was so drunk , and so high, that she got on her bike naked, and started peddling down the street! Hahaha!


And a cop just happened to see her, naked, on her bike, about a block from the liquor store and that cop probably said to “Hmmm, naked crazy chick on a bike at 2am in the morning, perhaps I should investigate?” and investigate he did, and arrested she got! Man, that crack! People sure make good decisions when high on that stuff huh? Remember hugs, not drugs!

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