Today is National Hot Dog Day, and everyone is thinking about their favorite hot dog place. If you weren't before that sentence, you are now. But besides the decision of where to go for a great dog, the next tough choice: What to put on your hot dogs?

I'm a simple guy, and I like my hot dogs two basic ways.

Chili and cheese, for when I'm feeling like I really want some spice and meat on my dogs.

Mustard. This is my default. If I don't feel like a chili cheese dog, I'll just do mustard, maybe once in a blue moon I'll get crazy and put some relish on there, too.

I know people go for all-in type dogs, like the Chicago dog, with mustard, relish, onions, tomato, pickle, peppers, and celery salt, but that just seems like so much on top of the dog, I'm not sure you'd even taste the hot dog anymore!

And if you like weird stuff on your dog, definitely tell us what you put on!

With that said, I'm off for lunch. Hot dogs, anyone?

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