Over the last several years, West Michigan has been getting a few new fast food joints and they have all been extremely popular.

It all started with Sonic a little over a decade ago, then Five Guys Burgers a few years later, and then most recently we welcomed our first Chick-fil-a to West Michigan.  Everyone of those restaurants had massive lines for months after they opened and some even still do.  Looking at you, Chick-fil-a...

So, with the insane success of these regional chains coming to West Michigan, it seems like it's a no brainer that more will be on there way in the coming years.  So, we want to know which regional chain would you like to see come to West Michigan next?  We've found some of the most popular fast food chains and restaurant chains from around the country and put together a poll for you to vote.

So, vote in our poll below and let us know which restaurant you want to see!

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