While it hasn't been the coldest winter ever, there is a Michigan city that regularly ranks among the nation's coldest. And now it's made the Top Ten.

Pellston calls itself the nation's icebox because of its location in a sand ravine between the hills of Northern Michigan. Sault Ste. Marie gets blasted regularly by winds off Lake Superior, so it gets mighty cold. And Copper Harbor sticks out at the end of the Keewenaw Peninsula, so it could be the coldest.

But its Marquette, home of Northern Michigan University, that is the lone town representing Michigan in the Top Ten of the Coldest Cities in America list released by 24/7 Wall Street.

Other Michigan cities making the top 50 include Flint at number 43, Alpena at 27th, and Sault Ste. Marie at 13th.

According to data by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), folks in Fairbanks, Alaska have it the worst. America’s coldest city has an average low temperature of -16.9 degrees Fahrenheit during January, which is their coldest month. What’s more, that average is at least 13.8 degrees colder than any other city in the country.

Top Ten Coldest Cities In America (normal low in coldest month)
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  1. Fairbanks, AK (-16.9° F)
  2. Grand Forks, ND (-3.1° F)
  3. Williston, ND (0.1° F)
  4. Fargo, ND (0.1° F)
  5. Duluth, MN (1.5° F)
  6. Aberdeen, SD (1.5° F)
  7. St. Cloud, MN (1.8° F)
  8. Bismarck, ND (2.2°F)
  9. Marquette, MI (5.2° F)
  10. Huron, SD (6.6° F)


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