A few days before ArtPrize kicked off last week, this piece of art showed up on a flatbed truck. What is it?

I watched them unload the sculpture from the truck. I thought the white covering was just to protect the piece while it was being transported, but here we are almost a week in to ArtPrize and the covering has still not been removed. It's located right off Louis St. by the Grand Rapids Art Museum.

Now I'm just getting annoyed not knowing what's under the white sheet. I'm beginning to think that perhaps the covering is actually part of the art piece. Are they trying to send us some type of message.

I've searched the ArtPrize.org website in hopes of trying to find out just what this is or who the artist may be, but I haven't had much luck. The map of where to find various art pieces doesn't even show this location.

Every day I look out of our radio studio window and see this think just standing there. As you can tell by the picture, it's a pretty big piece -- standing about two to three stories tall.

I was downtown on Sunday evening after dark, and it looked like there was some light coming from under the covering. Perhaps computer screens of some sort?

I guess all I can do at this point it to keep waiting and see if the contents under the white sheet are ever revealed. Or, if the sheet is actually part of the artwork -- what is the message they are trying to give us?

I have so many questions! Of course the biggest is "when can we see underneath?!"

I'll keep you posted!


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