The NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs have been quite a bumpy ride thus far this year. Penalty minutes are up, hits become a bit harder, more blood is shed. Let us take a minute then and enjoy a gentler side of this physical sport, gawking at females in the stands.

Everybody knows, there is quite an eclectic crowd at most sporting events. In today's day and age, a lot of women are bigger sports fans than many men. Hockey seemingly has some of the more diehard female fans, and as can be seen in this photograph, subtlety is not a strong suit.


It goes without saying that with fans like that, some of those associated with the sport may also be of questionable integrity. In this case, an NBC cameraman was caught red handed and the footage leaked online from his "scanning" during a Stanley Cup Playoff game.

While this was not a televised feed, extra camera angles are accessible during the NHL playoffs through their website, which is where this gem was captured. It starts off looking like a wild goose chase. The operator thinks he finds someone to focus on, but was apparently not happy with the excess of clothing she had on.

That led him to his finest hour, where he found the girl he could finally peep at without being caught, the halter top female directly behind the glass. He had finally found his Holy Grail. The age old "I was just doing my job" excuse would finally come into play for him.

The most underrated aspect of the video is after the camera man notices the lack of her shirt, so does the man in an orange shirt about three seats down from her. Not only was she being excessively ogled by just a camera man and countless internet viewers, (It is still hockey and could be dozens or thousands. Nobody knows), she was also being eyed by the head bobbing man a few seats down from her. Great minds must indeed think alike.

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