Going to lunch today, I saw people installing all these really cool ice sculptures around in front of businesses today. I had no idea what this was for, but I thought this is a great weekend to do it, with the temperatures we'll have all weekend. Didn't even think about Valentine's Day. It's all part of the Valent-ICE Festival.

The weekend festival is to celebrate winter (which I love), and love (which is not part of things for me right now), so it's no wonder I didn't know about it, haha!

The sculptures are pretty cool, and it's awesome to see them custom-carved for the businesses on Ionia, and representing things that are very Grand Rapids! The sculptures outside the Van Andel are pretty cool, with the guitar and other musical instruments.

If you're able to come downtown this weekend, walk around a bit a check out the sculptures, they're really good!

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