I can easily say that I am one of the worst drivers I know. Not because I am actually bad on the road but because of all the other little stuff you have to do, you know like fill up your gas tank, change your oil, NOT lock your keys in your car... those are just a few. Well today was one of the days that made me realize I really should just be taking the bus everywhere...
First I drive to go grab some lunch, on the way back I notice my gas lights on... I think to myself, "How longs that been on?" No worries though, I'll just drive to the next exit. Well I should have been worried because I ran out of gas right there on i96! Luckily for me it was ONLY a 2 mile walk to the closest exit... did I mention my phone just died (apple can suck it for making crap batteries...ha) so I walk, and I was approached by numerous men and women offering me rides... too bad they looked like they wanted to also offer me some rape... so I politely declined and kept walking.
After all that (a total of 4 mile walk) I get home and run inside to change before work, when I get back to my car I realize I had locked my keys inside the vehicle... Do you think I am smart enough to have a spare? If you answered yes, then you are an idiot because I am NOT smart enough to have a spare, so I am pretty ticked at myself at this point... So out of anger I decide to walk to work, ONLY a 3 mile walk... First off its hotter than hell outside right now so I decided to wear some running clothes, all of my shorts were dirty so I throw on a pair of old volleyball spandex and a t-shirt and I was out the door.
What happened next I can only say is karma because I have been making fun of Dahmer about his "Camel Toe For Front Row" contest so much...a guy driving down the street yelled out his window at me, "Nice camel toe!"
So that in a nut shell is why I am an awful driver, and being an awful driver can lead to one crappy day, and I now have to eat my words about camel toe because apparently I myself sport it now and then.