Some of you may know that I am an extremely avid runner.  I eat, sleep, and dream running.  When I finished running at Ferris State University I really struggled, part of me was so excited about the new path I was forging in radio, and broadcast but the other part of me missed all the days of 6am runs, and drunken Saturday nights with my fellow team mates (Only after a good race of coarse ;p)

Its only been 2 years that I have been off FSU’s team but it feels much longer.  I still run and like to think I am still a decent runner/athlete but I definitely am no wheres near the caliber I was not that long ago.  Working with the Free Beer and Hot Wings Morning Show, we talk about running, and road races a lot because of host, Eric Zane.  Zane is not only Mr. Fitness, but I like to call him Mr. Competitive...  Well Zane does triathlons, and every time he talks about one I think, “WOW, that sounds so fun!”  (I know right? what’s fun about swimming, then biking, then after all that running… but  then again I’m crazy remember?)

I also think... if Zane can do this what the hell so can I!   So when my best friend Nikki said she wanted to compete in “A girls best friend triathlon”  I was in!  We had such a great time, and it just made my flame to compete burn a little brighter…  When I say compete I mean "beat the crap out of Zane..."  I don't really know if my time for this was any good, but I did come in 20th out of about 200 so I'll take it!  I am hopefully competing in Reeds Lake Triathlon coming up in September.  Here are a few pictures from the big race last weekend!