Since Burger King brought back the Halloween Whopper with the black bun, there have been a bunch of internet reports talking about how eating this burger has an odd side-effect. Nothing dangerous (that we're aware of), but it is something interesting enough to make us experiment on ourselves.

Green poop.

Seriously, that's what people are claiming, that eating the black bun burger gives you green poops!

So, Wendy, Ned, David, Christine, and I have gone to eat some of the "Black Burger of Doom", to see if it has a Hulk effect on our poo! We've all had differing amounts of black bun, as Wendy can't ever finish an entire meal, and I tried to maximize my black bun consumption, at the expense of my comfort today.

We will be checking back tomorrow with the results of our experiment, and hopefully we'll have some fun shades of green to report back to you! Don't worry, we're not going to post photos of our poops. That's gross, dude.