Fat Tuesday is always a fun day to party, and this year was no exception, as all our stations entered some gumbo recipes in the Gumbo Challenge at the BOB, for the Fat Tuesday party! We also brought a lot of beads, and set up do my show live from the BOB for the day!

Sister stations WFGR, Channel 95.7, The River, and GRD all had gumbo on hand for people to eat. Even though all of them were really good, I have to say that Andy Rent's was my favorite. I love spicy food, and his had this amazing flavor, and good spice to it!

There were so many amazing gumbos around, including "pig face", alligator, rabbit and oyster, sausage...you name it, you could find a gumbo that catered to your tastes!

There were also a lot of hurricanes and beer being consumed, beads being earned, dancing, music...it was a blast! If you didn't make it out, make sure to plan for next year, as it will keep getting bigger and better every year!

We had fun, and here's some video of what happened...sorry, no boobs, since people are kind of touchy about us showing that stuff on our website.

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