Holy Pączki! A Detroit Distillery's pączki-flavored vodka sold out in about 20 minutes online Monday... BUT there's still hope! They say that it's being sold at liquor stores across the state - including Grand Rapids.

Detroit City Distillery creates small batch artisanal whiskey, gin, and vodka using local ingredients. Each year, Steve Orzechowski, their resident distiller of Polish descent, fires up the still to make a special treat for Fat Tuesday: Pączki Day Vodka. To make it, Detroit City Distillery procures Hamtramck's finest raspberry pączki from New Palace Bakery and distills them in 100% potato vodka straight from Poland.

Michael Forsyth, co-owner and founder of the distillery in Detroit's Eastern Market district, told the Detroit Free Press they made about five times more thank last year. To do so, they used about 1,296 paczki or 108 dozen.

New this year, Detroit City Distillery debuted two additional flavors: "Powidl" (Plum) and "Wild Rose".  Only 200 of each flavor were available... and just like the original Pączki Day Vodka, they sold out in less than half an hour when they went on sale Monday, Feb. 1.

However, as Detroit City Distillery says in an Instagram post:

Now the treasure hunt is on.... Pączki Day Vodka is being sold in many of Michigan's finest liquor stores. We've published a list on our website at detroitcitydistillery.com/news to help you find it.

They include the following Grand Rapids locations:

  • Siciliano's Convenience Market - 2840 NW Lake Michigan
  • The Crushed Grape - 2869 NE Knapp
  • Zeller Party Store - 168 Louis Campau Promenade
  • Beer City - 825 Twenty Eighth Street SE
  • Bridge Street Market - 405 Seward Ave NW

Hopefully you'll find some for Fat Tuesday, which is coming up on Feb. 16. But if you can't find any this year, Detroit City Distillery says, "I don't know how we could humanly make any more than we did, but we'll figure it out for next year."

Na Zdrowie!

Hear more of Detroit City Distillery's story in the video below:

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