With October quickly approaching, High-A League baseball play is finished for the season for the Detroit affiliate West Michigan Whitecaps. The Whitecaps finished this season tied for fourth in the High-A Central - East Division along with the Oakland A's affiliate Lansing Lugnuts.

Not all bad news though coming from the 2021 season. Whitecaps VP and General Manager Jim Jareck reflected on this past season, saying that there were some highlights, “Getting back to baseball this year was a summer-long celebration. It has given us a fresh perspective on fun and given us momentum going into a new season next summer.”

Jareck goes on to say that “We could not be happier with our attendance this summer (and) we extend a big thanks to our fans. They were patient with a late schedule release due to COVID-19 and patient with us in re-opening the ballpark. Our promotion to High-A affiliate of the Detroit Tigers paid off with some great baseball. In the end, everyone had a blast at the ballpark.”

In the inaugural season at the newly named Lake Michigan Credit Union Ballpark, the Whitecaps had more than 200,000 fans in attendance. An impressive number for a season that began with limited crowd capacity.

Now the West Michigan Whitecaps look ahead to the 2022 season. This morning Major League Baseball announced the schedule for 2022 from the minor's to the majors. You can find the Whitecaps schedule here.

The Whitecaps kick off their season at the Midland, Michigan-based Los Angeles Dodgers affiliate Great Lake Loons on Friday, April 8th. Their home opener is Tuesday, April 12th versus the previously mentioned Lansing Lugnuts. The Whitecaps wrap up their regular season next year at home versus their opponent from the beginning of the year, Great Lake loons on Sunday, September 11th.

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