Going to the movies is a pastime but it can get pricey. But what if I told you that you could see as many movies as you want and save money? It's kind of like a subscription for a streaming service but instead it's for the movie theater and it's called MoviePass

With MoviePass you can see one movie a day for only $9.95/month. This isn't a new service but on August 15th, they announced that they have dropped their rates from the $15 to $50 tier.

On their website it says that their pass is accepted at 91% of theaters in the country. The pass does not include 3D or IMAX movies, but with it you could see a movie a day for the entire month and in the end, you essentially only paid for the price of one ticket. Not a bad deal.

Since announcing this exciting news, The Verge says that the company has already reached their 2018 goal with about 150,000 current subscribers. In December 2016, MoviePass had about 20,000 people using their service.

You can buy your MoviePass and then use it at these movie theaters in West Michigan after receiving your card in the mail:


  • Celebration Cinema - North
  • Celebration Cinema - South
  • Celebration Cinema - Woodland
  • Celebration Cinema - Rivertown
  • AMC Star Grand Rapids
  • Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts (UICA)
  • Goodrich Ada - Lowell
  • NorthStar Cinemas - Rockford


  • AMC Star Holland
  • Goodrich Holland
  • Goodrich Grand Haven
  • Knickerbocker Theatre


  • Cinema Carousel
  • Plaza 1 & 2
  • NorthStar Cinemas - Whitehall

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