The world record for most ski areas skied in 24 hours has been set by a West Michigan skier and snowboarder.

There are a lot of ski resorts in Michigan. There are ski resorts located at the bottom of the state all the way and across the Upper Peninsula so you have lots of options to choose from when skiing in Michigan.

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Like most people, when I plan a ski trip it is usually to one destination where my friends and I can get some serious runs in. I have never thought of how many ski hills could I conquer in one day.

West Michigan Skier and Snowboarder

To guys from West Michigan by the name of Kyle Kelly and Brad Dykstra set out on a quest to ski 23 resorts in 24 hours. This seems like a daunting task but yet doable with as many ski resorts Michigan has and their proximity to one another.

The two spent more time driving to ski resorts than they did going down the slopes at each location. The pair did get a little help from some ski resorts by opening early so they could get their quick run and done so they could move on to the next stop.

Where Did The Skiers Attempt The World Record At?

The journey between these two outdoor enthusiasts began at high noon on Saturday when the pair made their first run at Nubs Nob in Harbor Springs.

Starting in the Northern part of Michigan helped map out the journey from ski resort to the ski resort and then finally ended their journey at Cannonsburg Ski Area.

The original record that was set back in 2017 was 17 ski resorts in one day. Since they started at Noon this was non-stop skiing, snowboarding, and driving. Basically, they would arrive, get a lift ticket then go down a run then off to the next resort.

When the pair beat the record of 17 they did it at 4 in the morning at Alpine Valley.

What Is The Record for Most Ski Resorts Skied in 24 Hours?

The record that Dykstra and Kelly set was 23 resorts in 24 hours. This will be a tough record to break moving forward. The pair wrapped up their amazing run before Noon at Canonsburg Ski Area where they had quite the celebration.

WOOD reported that Dykstra said, "It's been a whirlwind. It was just a crazy adventure."

Has Guinness Verified The Record?

Kelly and Kykstra and to do a lot in order to prove they skied 23 resorts in 24 hours. They pretty much had a video camera running the entire time that had a date and time stamp to verify the film.

The whole journey had to be documented so the two took many photos, kept all the lift tickets as proof.

Although the two have completed their task of skiing 23 resorts in 24 hours they two now have to wait for their accomplishment to be verified from the Guinness Book of World Records. That is just a formality because the two have already completed an amazing journey they will never forget.

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