Where were you around 12:25p.m. Saturday? Did you feel a weird rumbling/ quaking?

I've heard some interesting tales of what people thought it was-- a car accident, odd thunder on an otherwise gorgeous and sunny day, houseguests wrestling in another room (this comes from my little brother who's 24, for which that would be a totally normal thing).

And that moment was caught on tape at a church in Paw Paw, where a pastor was giving a sermon on donating to the Nepal earthquake relief fund.

WZZM-13 reports that Pastor Michael Taylor was speaking to the congregation at the Paw Paw Seventh-day Adventist Church when the quaking started.

You can see the camera start to go a bit wobbly at about the 22 second mark. Taylor tries to keep his cool, but eventually can't ignore the tremor, saying,

"I don't know what that is either, so... Act natural, casual--just play it off, it's OK."


He continues on with message, asking the congregation to help with the Nepal relief efforts by supporting an organization called ADRA.

An earthquake during an appeal for earthquake relief-- What a freaky coincidence, right?!

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