What do you do when you’re trying to practice your “freedom of speech” but people keep trying to silence you? Well, as the story on Fox 17 goes, you buy a billboard (or two) to get your message out.  And as someone who loves being petty, I’m loving it.

Fox 17 reports that Marshall Stern, who lives in Newaygo started off by practicing his freedom of speech with eight 'Biden for President' yard signs along the roadway in front of his house. But not everyone appreciated his low-key message.

First, it started with one of the signs getting stolen, but he was able to find it. Then someone actually drove off the road to run over three of his signs.  So, Fox 17 says he then put up a trail camera so he could see who was vandalizing his yard signs.  That night, the eight signs and his trail cam were stolen.

Which, if you ask me, unless the trail cam was right there in the open, it sounds like maybe one of his neighbors is responsible and was watching his endeavor. But, no one’s asking me.

Aggravated, but not one to give up, Marshall created a GoFundMe account so he could do the ultimate, which is to rent a billboard with a giant yard sign as the message.  Once he got the money for the first billboard, which only took three days, he decided to try for a second.  According to Fox 17, he again raised enough to get a second one. So now instead of eight 'Biden For President' yard signs in front of his house, he has two very visible billboards along M-37. Both in an area that is full of 'Trump 2020' signs and flags.

As Marshall told Fox 17, what once would have only been seen by a few hundred drivers, is now being seen by a few thousand people.

I give it an A+ for his level of pettiness because, as a shirt I have reads "Petty AF". I have been known to play the same game with stuff.

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