The world, lately, has seemed like a pretty negative place, but we have to remember that, that's not the REAL world.  There are still plenty of good people, doing GREAT things in the world. Need some proof? How about this #PeopleDoingGood story from West Catholic High School this weekend.

West Catholic posted on their West Catholic Sports Facebook page about something awesome one of their athletes, Maggie Duba did for another runner while competing at the girls cross country state finals. As the post states, she was running her race when she noticed another runner struggling to finish the race. So without hesitation, Maggie, stopped, helped the runner up, and as you can see by the picture, gave the fellow runner support and encouragement across the finish line.  What really made this awesome was that it was the state finals and by doing so she sacrificed her own time, points, and standing to do the right thing and help another human.  As the West Catholic Sports Facebook post reads,

Maggie sacrificed her place in the final standings to make sure this athlete, who worked so hard to make it to the state meet, had a chance to finish as well.

Which every time I read that sentence, it makes me tear up a bit, only because it takes a special person to make sure everyone finishes the race, whatever that "race" may be.  And to realize that Maggie is still in high school means her community including her family, teachers, and coaches among others, have taught her well.  Also, we're lucky to have a great role model in a young person.

I think the West Catholic Sports post wraps this up the best,

We are incredibly proud of the race Maggie ran but are even prouder of the compassion and sportsmanship she showcased along the way. Congratulations!

Also, the comments that follow are pretty great as well, you should take a few minutes and read through them.


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